The best LARGE system for making your own STEAM DISTILLED essential oils!

Announcing EOSS85

Our "monster" sized Stainless Steel steam distiller for essential oils!

100 gallon Bio-capacity

All distiller, condenser parts and fittings are made of food grade Stainless Steel

Heavy duty galvanized steel stand

Our new line of large gas-fired (electric optional) essential oil steam distillers has been designed from the ground up to be the perfect steam distillation system for large production sized needs.
Many departures have been made from "standard" steam distiller designs which results in highly improved performance and maintainability.


Here's what's new:


Like our smaller EOS33 distiller, this is not just a "can" full of boiling water and plants...

Maintaining the entire biocontainer at exactly boiling temperature (100c) during production is very important for obtaining maximum quality and quantity of both essential oil and hydrosol. For big systems this usually isn't practical. Big remote steam-fed bio-chambers are usually just sitting out in open air, which by definition allows their walls to be cooled by that air, so some water condensation on the inside of those walls is always going to occur.
Any water that ends up in the biocontainer robs you of potential hydrosol, and also renders any biomaterial it comes in contact with undistillable, and the biomass touching the chamber walls may not get properly distilled at all.
It's a difficult problem... insulating the biocontainer is an answer, but costly and physically cumbersome. Also, in large steam-fed distillers that use separate steam generators, there a continual dance of controlling pressure and temperature of the steam going into the biochamber- tricky to get right.

We've come up with a deceptively clever way around all of this...to keep the biocontainer dry and insulated and not have to hassle with steam pressure or temperature, we simply put the entire biocontainer inside of the boiling chamber!!
Quite different than simply chucking the biomass into the same vessel as the boiling water, we build an entirely separate housing inside of the boiling chamber, and then put the biomass in that "inner" housing.
It makes sense... this way the entire biocontainer is surrounded inside and out by 100 degree steam- Thus the entire system works at exactly 100 degrees c, and the biocontainer stays dry because it cannot condense any water on it's walls.

What this means is that you'll get the maximum amount of hydrosol possible during a run, because steam that would have condensed in other systems will now be made into hydrosol ! Your plant material will never overheat or get wet, and above all, your distilled oils and hydrosols will be of the highest quality possible, period.

Gone is the need for temperature or pressure gauges, because our "open-to-atmosphere" design means that steam pressure can never build up in the system, making it much safer to operate and insuring that the distillation process will take place at exactly 100 degrees C (at sea level) and not a degree higher!


Just like a small cement mixer, the entire distiller swivels on it's stand. It is nicely balanced and with it's locking handle it can be rotated and locked into any position as you load your biomass or or dump it onto a cart or wheelbarrow, etc. when the distillation is finished. No need to use hoists or other lifting mechanisms to get the material in or out- It's a simple one-person job!

Boiling Water:
There is enough room under the internal biochamber to hold about ten gallons of water, which is the "working quantity" for this distiller. We provide a float valve inside the boiling chamber that feeds in water as it is used, keeping the boiling water level constant for as long as you care to distill.
This valve can be fed by either pressurized water or an optional side-tank of distilled or RO water

EOSS100s simple condenser design is also a departure from the usual large still condenser.

Photos of condenser with it's outer shell removed

Quite different than most most industry condensers, our simple vertical condenser works like this:
Steam and oil vapors run from the distiller's exit and enter the condenser at the top of the condensing chamber. From there the vapors are forced downward where they encounter the cold cooling coils, causing them to condense and drip down to the bottom exit pipe.

We run our cooling coils "inside-out" ... our cooling water runs inside the coils and the steam distillate is on the outside of the coils. This results in many benefits:

(1) The condenser offers no restriction to the steam, thus creates zero system backpressure, so everything operates at atmospheric pressure (amongst other benefits, this keeps the temperature rock steady at 100c)

(2) The surface area of a tube is much greater on the outside than the inside. By running the water inside the coiled tube and the steam on the outside of it, the maximum cold surface area possible is avaliable to the steam. This plus the fact that there is actually 100 feet + of tubing coiled up results in an incredibly efficient condenser that is physically much smaller than any comparitive setups.

(3) The condenser is super easy to take apart for cleaning... Most other large condensers are either welded or bolted together and cannot be easily cleaned. Because our system is a "no pressure" system, there's no need to have a completely sealed condenser- so you simply slip the outer shell up and off; the entire innards is right there for you to clean, and you can actually get to every place your distillate touches! (you certainly couldn't do that if the steam went inside the coil as many other stills do!!!)
No more having to run raw steam thru the system to "hope" it gets cleaned out (this is the only way to clean welded stainless steel condensers..yuck!)


Photos of receiver with a layer of oil

(2) Excellent separation:
The receiver is basically the same efficient design as our smaller ones except larger (1 liter capacity)... the oil and hydrosol are automatically separated; oil collects inside the receiver and floats on top of the water, and hydrosol continuously drains out of the side port.

(3) Ease of Setup
The receiver connects directly to the condenser via spherical ground glass joints, allowing for absolutely simple hookup
and no chance of breakage due to misalignment


lavender oil obtained after 1 hour of operation

From burner turn-on, It takes about 2 hours to produce 2-3 gallons of hydrosol and whatever oil is contained in the plant material. This uses about 2-3 gallons of propane, and not surprisingly, about 2-3 gallons of boiling water. The distiller requires 7 gallons of water minimum to start operation and maintains it's water automatically via a float system


If you are running indoors or cannot use gas as the heat source, we offer an electrical version of this set.

The electrical version of this system requires aproximately 70 amps at 240 volts.
208 volts is also avaliable

The control box allows you to select high, low, and off as power control. The high position is used for fastest distillations and uses aprox. 15KW of electricity. The "low" position uses 10KW and is selected when wanting to run slower, when tapping off oils during a run, or on very hot days if the full 15KW is not required.

The system comes with a 10 foot 4 gauge power cord with a bare end; you supply the end that connects to your power utility.


Electric set shown with heater bottom removed

The electric heating elements

The control box

Complete distiller as shown in the photos above:

*The distiller, condenser, stands, separator, water hoses, etc
*Propane burner with hose and regulator (you must provide your own 15-20 gallon propane tank)

All glass and mechanical parts as shown in above photos including:
*Two pyrex separatory funnels, 500mL and 1000mL
*All necessary tools and hoses to make it operate

What you'll need:

*An outside covered, well ventilated sheltered area (shielded from wind), on non-flamable flooring !!! The gas-fired system is an "outdoor only" item, and cannot be used inside a garage or home!!. It is recommended that you build a nice outdoor "shed" with a roof and opened walls from 4-5' up for wind shielding but still providing excellent ventilation. The floor should be concrete, slightly sloped for easy dainage. (when you dump the plant material from the unit, you will also dump aproximately 3-4 gallons of water)
Note that the burner gets HOT! and could easily burn a wood or flamable surface
concrete, tile, stone or dirt, etc are the only recommended surfaces to place the distiller upon. Minimum 4 feet clearance is required on all sides

Propane source: This distiller requires propane at 10-30 PSI. It comes with a regulator and gauge but you must supply the propane tank. It uses typically 3-5 gallons of propane per run and the usage rate is such that a standard 5 gallon BBQ tank may "freeze up". A 15 gallon tank or larger is recommended

Electrical option: (for indoor use) Stills made with the electrical option will use aproximately 15 Kw, and can be factory configured to operate on 208, 220 or 240 volts single phase, 70 amp . These can be used indoors with good ventilation, as nothing gets hotter than 100c, thus there is no fire danger.

The electric option is $1250 additional

100 GALLON distiller for large scale production

EOSS100 PRICE $ 19,999 plus shipping

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