All of these photos below are very outdated.
As are the descriptions.

We have made MAJOR improvements in all of our stainless steel distillers, from the 10 gallon ones to the 100 gallon ones.
We are not updating our photos or our descriptions, for this reason:
As of late there have been many companies, notably CHINA blatantly copying and stealing our designs.
Its been almost 15 years since we came up with these wonderful distillers, and had we patented them (We didnt) the patents would have already run out,
so there is no kind or protection currently for any of our IP or designs.

If we update our photos and show the world whats new, well get copied instantly, and simply put, were no longer interested in giving our designs away for free.
If you are interested in the new stuff, email gary at the contact address below, and he will personally show you wants new.
Prices, as always, have not changed and we will continue to hold our prices steady, as long as copycats slow down on stealing our business away from us.

That said, what we will tell you is,
Now the design of ALL of our stainless stills, regardless of the size, can easily be converted from electric to gas fired or back, with very little difficulty.
Pricing remains the same, but now its a super simple task that you can do at your place,
no longer having to either send the distiller back for conversion, or purchase another one to have both options on hand.


the glassware has been improved for even more simplicity, its much less prone to breakage
Basically the overall experience with our new distiller versions is MUCH simpler to operate, MUCH easier to maintain,
and MUCH easier to repair if, for example you accidentally burn the electrical heating element out.

10, 15, and 20 gallon ESSENTIAL OIL

The best BIG systems for making your own STEAM DISTILLED essential oils!

A note for those interested in Terpines: Terpines are a class of chemicals that appear in virtually all essential oils, from lavender to rosemary to Tea-tree oil and virtually all plants that contain essential oils. Please note that all of our steam distillers will extract with extremely high efficiency all of the terpenes from your plant material, no matter what the plant may be, ready for market with no further processing. Terpines extracted with our steam distillers have won best-of-show awards for the best of the best multiple times in French lavender festivals as well as many other plant festivals around the world. Once the terpines are removed, some of the remainder of specific plants magic, i.e. resins and heavy oils, need to be extracted by other means, as steam distillation just wont do it. But at this point the terpines are safely removed and can be married back to the remaining extracts later on. any other terpine extraction method does not come close to the speed, efficiency and quality of what our steam distillers will do!!

In addition to our standard 10 gallon/33 liter sized still, we are now offering 15 and 20 gallon sizes in both gas and electric!
All three stills (10-15-20) have been redesigned to incorporate many new features that make them even easier to use!

For all three sizes we now lock the covers on with 6 quick-clips instead of the old metal band-ring, which makes it super easy to close and open the still quickly without tools, and also acts as a built in safety overpressure mechanism.

For the electric stills we are now mounting the receiver directly on the side of the still rather than separately on a lab-stand. This gives you added security that the glassware is securely and safely mounted and also takes up less floor space.
(This is not available on the gas fired versions- they must use the long crossover tube and separate lab stand for the receiver because the heat from the burner is too intense for the receiver to be anywhere near the still)

Here is a photo of the 15 and 20 gallon electric units. Click on the photo for a hi-res version

Our standard pricing on the new model stills is as follows:
10 gallon (33l) gas $2999, electric $3,750
15 gallon gas $3999, electric $4,750
20 gallon gas $4999, electric $5,750

Float valve and small glass crossover tube are now standard equipment on all electric stills.
For gas stills, float valves are $150 additional, and stainless steel crossover tubes are standard.

Now back to our regular page--- The following descriptions are for our old 33L still. Mostly everything here still applies to our new models, but the improvements mentioned above aren't yet mentioned below. We'll be updating the entire webpage to reflect the changes very soon!

10 gallon/33 liter Bio-capacity
Made entirely using food grade Stainless Steel

Our new line of large gas-fired essential oil steam distillers has been designed from the ground up
to be the perfect steam distillation system for medium sized needs.
Many departures have been made from "standard" steam distiller designs which results in highly improved performance and maintainability.


Here's what's new:


Look closely... this is not just a "can" full of boiling water and plants...

click on the photo for a larger picture

Maintaining the entire biocontainer at exactly boiling temperature (100c) during production is very important for obtaining maximum quality and quantity of both essential oil and hydrosol. For big systems this usually isn't practical. Big remote steam-fed bio-chambers are usually just sitting out in open air, which by definition allows their walls to be cooled by that air, so some water condensation on the inside of those walls is always going to occur.
Any water that ends up in the biocontainer robs you of potential hydrosol, and also renders any biomaterial it comes in contact with undistillable, and the biomass touching the chamber walls may not get properly distilled at all.
It's a difficult problem... insulating the biocontainer is an answer, but costly and physically cumbersome. Also, in large steam-fed distillers that use separate steam generators, there a continual dance of controlling pressure and temperature of the steam going into the biochamber- tricky to get right.

We've come up with a deceptively clever way around all of keep the biocontainer dry and insulated and not have to hassle with steam pressure or temperature, we simply put the entire biocontainer inside of the boiling chamber!!
Quite different than simply chucking the biomass into the same vessel as the boiling water, we build an entirely separate housing inside of the boiling chamber, and then put the biomass in that "inner" housing.
It makes sense... this way the entire biocontainer is surrounded inside and out by 100 degree steam- Thus the entire system works at exactly 100 degrees c, and the biocontainer stays dry because it cannot condense any water on it's walls.

What this means is that you'll get the maximum amount of hydrosol possible during a run, because steam that would have condensed in other systems will now be made into hydrosol ! Your plant material will never overheat or get wet, and above all, your distilled oils and hydrosols will be of the highest quality possible, period.

Gone is the need for temperature or pressure gauges, because our "open-to-atmosphere" design means that steam pressure can never build up in the system, making it much safer to operate and insuring that the distillation process will take place at exactly 100 degrees C (at sea level) and not a degree higher!

click on a photo for a larger picture

Totally simple to load and unload... you remove the quick-disconnect condenser, pop the top of the boiler, lift out the biocan, turn it upside down and unclip it's perforated lid, and load or dump your biomass!!

Boiling Water:
There is enough room between the bottom of the biocan and the boilers' bottom to hold about four gallons of water. Two gallons is more than plenty to do most distillation runs. We've found that with most plants after about 4-6 liters of hydrosol have been produced, the distillation process is done.
Note: If you need to distill for longer periods of time, we can provide an optional float valve inside the boiling chamber that will keep the boiling water level constant for as long as you care to distill.

The Condenser

click on the photo for a larger picture

EOSS33's simple condenser design is also a departure from the usual large still condenser.

Quite different than most most industry condensers, our simple vertical condenser works like this:
Steam and oil vapors run up thru the center tube and exit inside at the top of the condensing chamber. From there the vapors are forced downward where they encounter the cold cooling coils, causing them to condense and drip down to the bottom exit pipe.

We run our cooling coils "inside-out" ... our cooling water runs inside the coils and the steam distillate is on the outside of the coils. This results in many benefits:

(1) The condenser offers no restriction to the steam, thus creates zero system backpressure, so everything operates at atmospheric pressure (amongst other benefits, this keeps the temperature rock steady at 100c)

(2) The surface area of a tube is much greater on the outside than the inside. By running the water inside the coiled tube and the steam on the outside of it, the maximum cold surface area possible is avaliable to the steam. This plus the fact that there is actually 20 feet + of tubing coiled up results in an incredibly efficient condenser that is physically much smaller than any comparitive setups.

(3) The condenser is super easy to take apart for cleaning... Most other large condensers are either welded or bolted together and cannot be easily cleaned. Because our system is a "no pressure" system, there's no need to have a completely sealed condenser- so you simply slip the outer shell up and off; the entire innards is right there for you to clean, and you can actually get to every place your distillate touches! (you certainly couldn't do that if the steam went inside the coil as many other stills do!!!)
No more having to run raw steam thru the system to "hope" it gets cleaned out (this is the only way to clean welded stainless steel condensers..yuck!)

(4) Our compact vertical condenser design and quick disconnects make our distiller take up less floor space and keeps the system compact. simple, and easy to assemble and disassemble.


The receiver is similar to the very successful design we use in our 85 gallon distillers except smaller. It has two valves that allow you to easily tap oil off during distillation (using the top valve), or after the distillation is over (using the bottom valve)

Excellent separation:
During normal operation, oil blobs flow into the receiver and collect on the surface of the water in the receiver. As the distillation progresses, the oil layer grows downward. When it's time to tap some oil off, you turn the valve which closes the hydrosol drain, thus forcing the water level inside the receiver higher. This results in the oil spilling out the upper drain port, down into the valve, and out the spout.

Otherwise the receiver is basically the same as our smaller ones... the oil and hydrosol are automatically separated; oil collects inside the receiver and floats on top of the water, and hydrosol continuously drains out of the side port.

Ease of Setup
The condenser, the receiver and the takeoff tube all have spherical ground glass joints, allowing for absolutely simple hookup
and no chance of breakage due to misalignment

Complete distiller as shown in the photos above:

*The distiller, condenser, and bio-container
*20,000 BTU propane burner with hose and regulator (you must provide your own 5 gallon BBQ propane tank)

All glass parts as shown in above photos including:
*Receiver, clamps and stand
*stainless steel crossover/take-off pipe

What you'll need:

*An outside area or well ventilated sheltered area to use the distiller, on non-flammable flooring !!! The burner is an "outdoor only" item, not recommended for indoor use. Note that the burner gets HOT! and could easily burn a wood or flamable surface
concrete is great as a surface to put the distiller on... or a sheet of half-inch thick tile-backing material
known as "wonderboard" from home depot makes an excellent fireproof surface

Units with the electrically powered option may be used indoors with good ventilation, and do not need to be run on fireproof floors because they don't get as hot on the bottom as do the gas fired versions.

*Garden hoses for condenser water
*Plant material
*BBQ tank of propane

Additional options avaliable:

* STAINLESS STEEL CROSSOVER PIPE- We are now offering as standard equipment a stainless steel crossover/take-off pipe (not breakable)
instead of the glass version….this is for gas fired stills only.

* FLOAT VALVE Stainless steel construction (automatically maintains proper boiling water level for extended run time, using external reservoir [not supplied with kit] or tap-pressure water) $150
This is standard equipment on the electrical versions of stills and included in the price Click here for big photo

* ELECTRICAL instead of gas operation, requires 5KW 240 volts 30 amp service (208 volt= special order, supplied upon request)
Click here for details

From burner turn-on, It takes about 2 hours to produce 4-6 liters of hydrosol and whatever oil is contained in the plant. This uses, not surprisingly, about 4-6 liters of boiling water. We always load the can with 3 gallons just to be on the safe side. The BBQ propane tank will go at least 5-6 distillations before needing to be refilled.

CONDENSER WATER REQUIREMENTS: The condenser uses tap water for cooling, at a rate of approximately 1.5-2 gallons per minute.

100 GALLON biocapacity distiller for large scale production

We make this industrial sized 100 gallon distiller basically the same as what's described above.
Same basic design philosophy as our 20 gallon machines, but the biocontainer holds 100 gallons of plant material,
and the burner capacity is roughly 200,000btu. or 15KW electric
Email us for more information

Price: varies from $27,000 to $35,000 plus shipping depending on options,
type of plant material to be distilled, and how it is to be heated
Some plant materials slump when distilled and in a machine this large, internal shelves
may be required to keep the material from clumping into a non-distillable mess.
We also make various styles of oil separators that cater specifically to the plant material being distilled,
some of which are quite a lot more complex than our normal receiver/separator,
in order to capture very light weight volatiles
Please email for details

Base price: $27,000 plus shipping

7.75% California Sales Tax applies to California customers

FEDEX GROUND shipping within the lower 48 USA states is $50 west of the Rockies, $100 East of the Rockies

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